Data and Analytics

Make better business decisions, faster, with a modern data stack in the cloud

With opportunities and threats coming from all sides, fast, it’s never been more important to drive your business with an accurate view of reality, backing decisions with data. Analytic insight has allowed today’s leading companies to identify hidden patterns, unlock new markets, better serve customers, and drive extreme efficiency. But without proper strategy and technical capability, the data can instead create inefficiency, cost, and significant business risk.

You’re likely facing at least one of these common data problems:

  • No data – You have no data at all.
  • Slow data – You have the data, but it isn’t ready when you need it.
  • Siloed data – Your data is fragmented across your business, and you spend more time gathering it than using it.
  • Bad data – You have data but can’t trust it.

Becoming Data-Driven

Data-driven decision making shouldn’t be so hard to achieve. Utilizing the cloud for data storage, management, and visualization gives you a competitive advantage, and our Data and Analytics services help you use those powerful data and analytics tools in the cloud.

Becoming data-driven is simple:

  1. Name a high-value goal, like reducing costs by 10%, that would be a game-changer. Name an executive in your business to be its champion.
  2. Build an action-oriented data system in the cloud to accurately measure progress against your goal.
  3. Put your data in front of the business and start making better decisions.

Our Approach

Transforming your organization to be more data-driven takes an evolution both in technology and culture. While every organization is unique, everyone wants to see and act on trustworthy data. That’s where DataOps – your culture and process around access to clean, actionable, trustworthy data – comes into play.

If you are just beginning your data initiative, we can work with you to conduct an assessment, draw upon our best practice patterns to build the right data architecture foundation for your needs, and take the first steps to implement an initial set of analytic processes.

If you are further down the data journey and need more targeted consultation or managed services, we have a full suite of advanced capabilities across multiple public cloud providers. We can design, build, or enhance your analytic architecture, optimize your related cost or performance, and explore how machine learning/AI can support your goals.

2nd Watch Service Offerings

DataOps Foundation

If you can’t see all your data without logging into multiple systems, you are not improving as fast as you could. Our DataOps foundation is a 1-2 month engagement that propels you into cloud best-practices for data analysis.

Managed DataOps Foundation

Once your DataOps foundation is live, other business units will want to use it. You will want to add more data sources to get better insights, and you will need help optimizing ETL pipelines. Leave the details to us while you focus on creating business value. Our Managed Dataops Foundation is a standard managed services offering, with the benefit of a team of data engineers moving your data estate forward at all times.

Redshift and Synapse Optimization

Your Amazon Redshift or Azure Synapse data warehouse is not static or build-it-once-and-forget-it. As you add new data sources and business needs change, your cluster should change too. Our rapid, yet thorough analysis process reveals opportunities for cost savings, speed improvements, and performance enhancements. We also create the roadmap to make those improvements a reality.

Data Warehouse Migration

Your data warehouse is the epicenter of enterprise operations, so this is not a trivial engagement. Most data warehouse migrations take 6-12 months, and a large portion of that time is devoted to retiring technical debt. Lifting and shifting your data warehouse into the cloud results in high compute costs to continue to run those functions. If you have large volumes of warm or cold data, you can save costs by architecting your data warehouse along with a data lake, which stores data at a fraction of the cost. We help you plan your migration, give you realistic cost scenarios, working within your budget, and perform the migration. We also teach your team how to manage your data warehouse and optimize its performance, or we can manage it for you.

Hadoop / Cloudera Migration

The vast majority of on-premise Hadoop users save significantly when moving to the cloud. This migration is complex and one of the few migrations that leaves you worse off if you perform only a lift-and-shift without re-architecting. We help you strategize and plan your Hadoop deployment in light of your broader data strategy.

Machine Learning Ops Foundation

Our approach to Machine Learning is insisting on clear, tangible business outcomes. We realize the power of machine learning is high, and we want you to get significant credibility in your organization for the outcomes of your machine learning project. We help you build a repeatable machine learning pipeline that is easy for your engineers to use, with clear processes for sampling data for exploration, collaborating among developers, selecting algorithms to put into practice, and deploying your model – all using our best practices approach to streamline these processes.

We also offer a wide range of custom services that tackle thorny infrastructure and programming challenges around these areas:

  • Data Warehousing – Migrations from Netezza, SQL Server Data Warehouse, Teradata, Oracle, and others to Amazon Redshift, Big Query, Azure Synapse, or net-new workloads
    • Data Lake – Put all your enterprise data behind a single data catalog
    • Streaming Data
    • Analytics
    • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
    • Governance
    • Security
    • Archive
    • GDPR / HIPAA / PCI
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