Cloud Migration

Accelerate Cloud Modernization with Confidence.

 Almost anyone can provision a cloud server in today’s world, however if your enterprise is adopting the cloud for more than one application or considering a broader cloud modernization involving application refactoring, the sheer volume of choices in products, services, and architectures can be paralyzing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud each have unique capabilities that can overwhelm the most experienced IT organizations and business units. To achieve the speed, agility, and cost benefits of cloud, you need a combination of experience and automation.


A Complete Migration Solution

2nd Watch provides a complete solution to modernize your infrastructure holistically, regardless of the path you are on – traditional cloud migration, application refactoring, or both.

Combined with our Cloud Modernization Readiness Assessment, we can help you make the right decision for each workload by weighing the costs, dependencies, and business benefits together.

The 2nd Watch Cloud Migration Service is focused on completing your server/VM move to the public cloud easily and smoothly, without business interruptions.

Our process is designed to successfully migrate either entire data centers or individual workloads to the public cloud, providing a predictable schedule and cost and a reliable OpEx forecast for post migration operations.


Our Approach

Enterprises partner with 2nd Watch to leverage our ability to deliver tailored modernization services for public cloud that proactively encompass the operating, financial, and technical requirements for scaling long-term use.

Our cloud migration and modernization acceleration program is designed to get you up and running in the cloud fast while maintaining business continuity. Our comprehensive methodology focuses on understanding your current state and goals and moving you to the cloud in a productive way.

We kick off with an evaluation of the current state of your workloads to determine cloud fitness and cost, placing them into 3 categories: Rehost, Replatform, Refactor.

Next, we develop a well-architected cloud infrastructure design including account structure, security, access, networking, and migration operations based on the previous assessment. ​Depending on your goals, we will also consider needed application re-architecture or refactor* of applications in the design step.

Our team works to deploy the foundational cloud infrastructure, including necessary accounts and security controls, where your applications will be hosted.

The most influential stage is when we migrate your workloads from on-premises or co-location facilities to the cloud into the secure foundational architecture.

Our optimization stage helps to ensure you realize the biggest benefits of cloud by lowering your cost and transforming to cloud-native solutions.

At the close of the project, we ensure your team has all the skills, tools, and documentation necessary to operate your cloud environment going forward.

REFACTOR (Optional):

Depending on your modernization goals, we will develop and test application architecture for component changes needed for cloud native service usage.

Our unique methodology brings your team along with us throughout the process to ensure reduced risk to your organization and increased confidence in the public cloud.

2nd Watch 

Service Offerings 

Multi-Cloud Optimization

Migrate your on-premises environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware on AWS, or any combination of those.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Define your migration strategy (single or multi-cloud) with our proven methodology tailored to meet your desired business outcomes and maximize your results.

Well-Architected Review

Review your current environment against industry best practices and receive remediation prior to or during migration for identified gaps.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Reduce costs 25-40% and determine lasting changes to sustain cost savings over time by applying our pillars of cloud optimization.

Forecasting, Modeling, and Analytics

Understand your past usage and model and forecast your future needs with the analytical data needed for visibility across your organization.