2nd Watch & Google Cloud

Innovate Faster, Scale Smarter, Ensure Security.

Innovation, Scale and Security

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the dominant data and analytics platform virtually writing the book on modern search.  GCP however is extensively more than just data and analytics extending to the power of true hybrid cloud functionality that drives today’s containerized platforms. GCP allows you to modernize your current applications, build new applications faster and ultimately make smarter business decisions.

At 2nd Watch, the strength of our GCP partnership is allowing major enterprises including Media and Entertainment companies to shift workloads to take advantage of GCP’s core strengths and develop true hybrid cloud architectures.

Holding multiple Google Cloud certifications – including for data engineering, Kubernetes, cloud engineer, security, hybrid cloud infrastructure with Anthos and hybrid cloud service mesh with Anthos – we guide our clients’ Google Cloud migration efforts as well as their optimization, DevOps, analytics, and innovative architecture projects.

How We Help

2nd Watch ensures the technology leadership your business requires to implement and modernize your applications and data onto GCP.

Your cloud journey is unique to your business and requires the assembly of a tailored bundle of services. Meet your IT business objectives to successfully transition to GCP and maximize your return on investment.

2nd Watch enables your IT business transformation. Whether you are focused on architecting your cloud platform, modernizing your legacy and monolithic applications and workloads to be cloud native, or outsourcing the management of your Google cloud environment, we’ll work with you to chart the best course for your business and IT processes. 

Cloud Transformation Framework

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