2nd Watch Security Solutions for AWS

  • Over 60% of organizations report serious security attacks in the last year.
  • 51% of organizations say their current security solution is not capable of preventing Zero Day attacks.
  • Only 50% of organizations report having an IDS and an IDP capability for their infrastructure.

The cloud is not the cause of the growing security threats in the headlines today, but to be secure in the cloud you need to adopt new training for your employees, improve business process and understand the technology more than ever. The dynamic nature of the cloud and ease of deployment in shared infrastructure places a premium on security, data control, governance and reliability. Security is often overlooked or a second thought due to the pressure to release updates quickly.

2nd Watch has been securing global brands’ public and internal workloads for nearly a half-decade with a trusted approach based on AWS security best practices and the industry leading Cloud Management Platform. Our solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance protect your data, assets and overall infrastructure in the AWS Cloud. We are the only cloud-native company to earn cloud SOC2 compliance. For our clients, cloud security is a multi-layer, shared responsibility approach to defending infrastructure, applications and data.

Skills and Capabilities

  • Assessment and strategy
  • Visibility with tailored reporting
  • Industry compliance
  • Robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls coupled with multi-factor authentication
  • Micro-segmentation to ensure workload isolation
  • Rigorous and automated patch management
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Log management
  • Real-time and forensic event monitoring and analysis
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Recurring vulnerability assessments
  • Data encryption and key management
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