Our Managed Cloud Solutions have helped Clients

save 42% more than Managing Cloud Services alone.

  • Clients save 42% more
  • Clients in 196 Countries
  • Operations in 14 Regions Worldwide

 Cloud Management

In the new era of technology, the most sustainable companies are not the ones with the next short-lived trending application but the companies that can innovate rapidly while maintaining controls across their people, process and technology.  Leaders in large enterprises are facing greater pressure to make more efficient use of technology resources and move to better systems, processes, skills and tools while achieving critical business outcomes.

2nd Watch’s cloud enablement teams help our clients tailor and integrate managed cloud solutions that holistically and proactively encompass the operating, financial, and technical requirements for scaling long-term use of the AWS cloud. 2nd Watch’s team of AWS-certified professionals bring years of experience working with AWS and in-depth cloud management strategies with a record of success.

In the end, our managed cloud based solutions help clients gain more leverage from the AWS cloud with a lot less risk.

Built on thought leadership and collaboration, our expertise in cloud management and cloud based solutions has been fined tuned and tested, trusted and proven by leading global brands and some of the industry’s most complex projects. Centered on the knowledge of IT best practices, automation and understanding of our client’s business needs, we reduce your business risk through designing a managed cloud solution from the onset.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Some companies have workloads that need to remain on-premises due to low latency or local data processing needs. 2nd Watch can help those clients easily and seamlessly integrate these workloads with the rest of their applications in the AWS cloud using AWS Outposts, for a consistent hybrid cloud experience. 

AWS Outposts are fully-managed and configurable compute and storage racks built with AWS-designed hardware that allow our clients to run compute and storage on-premises, while seamlessly connecting to AWS’s broad array of services in the cloud. 2nd Watch helps you install, configure, and migrate workloads to AWS Outposts for modern applications built to run on AWS that experience latency impact due to residing outside your datacenter. Our certified engineers and architects design and implement a truly hybrid cloud solution within the security of your own datacenter.

Cloud Management Skills & Capabilities

  • Cloud readiness assessments
  • Managed cloud strategies and managed cloud solutions
  • High-quality mass migration factories
  • Workload environments and re-architecting complex workloads to run on AWS
  • Hybrid cloud management – AWS Outposts
  • Process and operation automation
  • New application environments

 Additional Services

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