Agile, Data-Driven Scalability.



In today’s business landscape, retail organizations need to be able to scale their environments to meet ever-changing client demand and optimize their IT spend, all while managing multiple warehouses and complying with PCI standards.


How we Help

2nd Watch helps clients create data models that accurately predict client demand, enabling you to scale your environments accordingly and optimize for significant cost savings.

Our certified cloud engineers are experts at optimizing your cloud spend and deploying PCI-compliant infrastructure that helps retailers interface with financial institutions.


“By deploying the new environment on AWS, Crate & Barrel is able to take advantage of on-demand compute, scaling up and down as needed for the shopping season without oversubscribed capital purchases.”

George Findling
Crate & Barrel’s Director of Emerging Technology.

Expertise for Retail


2nd Watch has worked with leading multinational retailers to architect their environments to predict consumer demand and scale resources accordingly, saving millions of dollars in the process.

We specialize in multi-cloud solutions across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and help you to architect according to PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and other state and international security and privacy best practices and regulations.

2nd Watch Retail Solutions Overview

Omnichannel Commerce

Power ecommerce hosting, AI-driven experiences, and digital shopping assistants

Merchandising & Assortment

Understand inventory allocation and evolve dynamic assortment planning


Customer Acquisition & Retention

Personalize marketing and provide superior support to convert visitors into loyal customers

Logistics, Fulfillment & Delivery

Drive visibility and efficiency into all areas of the supply chain

Store Operations

Reimagine customer experiences by enabling operations like BOPIS and on-shelf inventory tracking