Media and Entertainment

Innovative and Scalable Solutions for Creative Industries

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is in a constant state of evolution, building new content experiences and creating more efficient ways to capture and retain, locally and globally. While content and creativity are at the heart of M&E, technology innovation driven by advances in high-speed access, mobility, elastic cloud resources, analytics, machine learning, and social network distribution are super charging business growth opportunities, creating tremendous opportunity. But this can also create significant complexity and risk without the proper attention to optimization, architecture, and automation.

How We Help

Our certified cloud experts have extensive hands-on experience with Media and Entertainment companies and can help at every step of the way in your cloud journey, from architecture, to migrations, modernization, and management, all while ensuring innovation and security is top of mind.

We help modernize the media supply chain leveraging native and serverless technologies for legacy architecture while applying AI/ML technologies to content lakes, enabling you to have a unified end-to-end solution for traditional broadcast, OTT and digital streaming services.

Expertise for Media and Entertainment

Whether you are focused on using cloud to accelerate video encoding, integrate edge processing in the field, or expand content distribution, 2nd Watch can assist.

With a long history of providing direct consultative and managed services for some of the largest companies in this space, our customers range from large multi-national media conglomerates to national sports leagues.

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