Fast, Secure Cloud Solutions Leveraging Deep Analytics.

The Insurance industry is faced with increasing competition, advanced customer demands, and evolving regulatory controls that all put pressure on insurers to rapidly advance in the digital economy.

With cloud technologies and advanced analytics, Insurance companies can improve speed to market, remain compliant with regulations, streamline distribution services, and stay ahead of the competition.

2nd Watch is a trusted cloud transformation partner that can help you fully leverage the power of the cloud, while maintaining your budgets against increasing demands.


How we Help

Our Insurance cloud experts can help every step of the way in your cloud journey, from migration planning and assessing costs to deploying and managing your new cloud infrastructure, all while ensuring security and industry compliance.



Issue more policies

Develop data-driven methods to propel customer acquisition outreach activities, resulting in large growth of new policyholders.

Provide better customer service

Build deeper policyholder engagement and relationships with refined communications by leveraging marketing analytics.

Reduce liability

Drive new levels of claims analysis to detect fraud, waste, and abuse with resulting successful remediation.

Quote Accurate Premium

Refine underwriting analysis by using holistic data analytics, reducing risk while maximizing pricing.

Improve operations

Develop a solid understanding of loss ratios and reserves through high-powered insurance analytics, building a solid understanding of underlying risk.

“Most commercial insurers are old-school. Now, we are in the position to grow faster and smarter. 2nd Watch and AWS have been excellent digital transformation partners for our business, helping us get to that next level of competition.”

Darryl Siry
ProSight’s Chief Digital Officer

Expertise for Insurance

2nd Watch has helped major global Life & Annuity, Property & Casualty insurers, and U.S. insurance standards organizations securely and efficiently migrate to the cloud.

These Insurance companies have capitalized on the elasticity of the public cloud while increasing the protection of sensitive personal data and underwriting systems.

Our cloud solutions ensure security and compliance across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud environments for HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, PII and PCI, according to your requirements.


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2nd Watch solutions for the Insurance industry focus on enabling Global Insurers to improve speed to market, remain compliant with regulations, streamline distribution services, and stay ahead of the competition.