Government and Education

Modernizing through the power of the cloud.

Government and education entities present unique challenges as they transition to the cloud. Budget concerns, data governance, security and cloud native skills represent barriers to rapid adoption.

How we Help

2nd Watch is one of the industry’s only cloud native transformation partners with the experience to understand the unique requirements of the government and education sector to help you successfully transform and migrate your applications, workloads and datacenter to the cloud.

Our government and education cloud experts recognize that it’s not just moving to the cloud, but a journey to modernize your applications and data to take advantage of cloud native capabilities, all while ensuring your unique security and data governance requirements, including FedRAMP, CJIS, HIPAA and FERPA compliance.

Our government experts also help you traverse cloud adoption procurement and policy issues and provide cloud capability across classification levels.


2nd Watch provided a Cloud Assessment of 140+ applications to help Kent State University develop a migration strategy.

Expertise for Government and Education

2nd Watch has helped major education and government entities successfully migrate their workloads to the cloud, taking advantage of the power of cloud native applications.