Energy and Renewables

Design the Future of Energy Operations

The Energy Sector is facing some of its greatest challenges ever with pressures on both upstream and downstream sides of the supply chain, requiring rapid transformation and technology adoption. Cloud solutions help energy companies uncover new insights, allowing them to optimize their systems. 2nd Watch is a trusted cloud transformation partner that can help you fully leverage the power of the cloud to optimize your operations with more flexibility and agility.

How we help

You need a Partner that can help every step of the way in your cloud journey, from migration planning to deploying these new technologies that make previously unrealizable ideas practical.

Our cloud technology experts have designed and implemented solutions that allow energy companies to achieve sustainable innovation and transformation using data from field instrumentation, contractors, regulators, and other stakeholders to make almost real-time decisions with the use of Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data Analytics, Augmented Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Our cloud solutions enable you to leverage all the information available from your supply chain and the market to make informed decisions and respond quickly.

Expertise for Energy & Renewables

2nd Watch has helped major energy sector companies successfully integrate information, improve efficiency and functionality, and take advantage of emerging technologies to complete their digital transition and gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Success Stories

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