Toy Manufacturer

Shaping a brighter tomorrow for today’s kids.


This toy manufacturer’s former managed services provider was not meeting their operational management needs.


They wanted an audited and certified AWS Cloud MSP that could understand the complexity of its AWS usage and guide future growth of their cloud usage.


We are providing ongoing management of their AWS environment and offering cost optimization recommendations.

About the Business

This global learning, development and play company inspires the next generation of kids to shape a brighter tomorrow. Through its portfolio of iconic consumer brands, the company creates systems of play, content and experiences that help kids unlock their full potential. The company also creates inspiring and innovative products in collaboration with leading entertainment and technology companies as well as other partners. With a global workforce of approximately 32,000 people, the company operates in 40 countries and territories and sells products in more than 150 nations.

Cloud Use and Opportunity

The learning and play company has been growing organically and through acquisition since it moved several of its IT workloads to AWS in 2010. As various business units within the company began to experiment with AWS, the company recognized that it was critical to centralize the operation of its Cloud environments to avoid cloud sprawl and wasted resources.

The company’s former managed services provider was not meeting the company’s operational management needs nor its anticipated future needs. In an effort to further optimize its use of AWS, the company began searching for a new Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP). With the complexity of its AWS usage and considerations around future growth of the company’s cloud usage, it decided to seek an audited and certified AWS Cloud MSP that demonstrated deep AWS expertise and capabilities, efficiency, and stability in its managed services platform.

The learning and play company chose 2nd Watch as its new Cloud Managed Services Provider for our reputation as an AWS Premier Partner and Managed Service Partner, to manage AWS Cloud operations.

2nd Watch Provides Unparalleled Service and Support

With best practice guidance and technical expertise from 2nd Watch, the company onboarded a total of 111 AWS instances—a goal it could not have achieved with its previous provider.

As part of the engagement process, 2nd Watch implemented best practices for tagging the company’s AWS instance types to help the company better organize, sort and identify its AWS resources within the 2nd Watch management console. 2nd Watch’s cloud managed services gives the toy manufacturer the ability to distribute AWS cloud usage across cost centers by customer-defined resource groups, enables tagging of AWS resources, and provides complete usage analytics. By leveraging 2nd Watch’s managed services, the company is able to gain valuable, enterprise-wide insight into its total AWS usage and can better manage the overall costs that are associated with its AWS cloud services.

With the AWS account onboarding complete, the 2nd Watch Managed Cloud Services team is responsible for the ongoing management of the company’s AWS environments and monitoring of its Amazon EC2 instances—offering cost optimization recommendations and managed services.

Cost and Performance Assessment Yields Significant Cost Savings

For example, as part of its ongoing management and monitoring of the toy manufacturer’s AWS environments, 2nd Watch completed a Cost and Performance Assessment of the company’s AWS environments. 2nd Watch identified a number of AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) Volumes that were unattached to an EC2 instance, as well as several idle load balancers not in use. 2nd Watch made the recommendation to eliminate them as a cost savings measure since any EBS volume created in an AWS account adds charges to the account holder’s monthly bill, regardless of whether or not it is being used.

By removing the unattached/orphaned EBS volumes, the company can avoid unexpected charges to its AWS bill and halt access to any sensitive data on those volumes. Once implemented, the optimization recommendations could save the company approximately $85,000.


Since inception, 2nd Watch Managed Cloud Services has responded to 95% of the total number of tickets in 30 minutes or less due to the business-critical nature of the tickets and the Response Time Service Level Agreement that is part of the toy manufacturer’s service agreement with 2nd Watch.

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