Personal Care & Consumer Health Goods

Puppet configuration management for personal health and care.


With a multi-cloud footprint, this consumer goods corporation needed a partner to help support its cloud environment.


It wanted to develop a multi-cloud configuration management solution.


We designed and deployed a Puppet Enterprise (PE) Configuration Management solution.

About the Business

This multi-national consumer goods corporation specializes in a wide range of personal health/consumer health and personal care and hygiene products organized into several segments including beauty, grooming, health care, fabric & home care, and baby, feminine, & family care.

The Business Problem

After establishing a significant AWS and Azure instance footprint, the consumer goods corporation needed a partner to help support its cloud environment by deploying a Puppet Enterprise (PE) Configuration Management solution.

The Solution

2nd Watch worked with the company to review Puppet Enterprise design requirements, including access and security, certificate, reporting, logging, tagging methodology, high availability, DR strategy, and repository. 2nd Watch then designed and deployed the Puppet Enterprise architecture, configuring and testing the HA configuration and testing and validating the PE environment. 2nd Watch developed a test plan for each of the company’s modules as well system end-to-end testing for the entire cloud environment.

Implementing the Puppet modules, the consumer goods company requested 2nd Watch perform “hands on keyboard” development and implementation within its Azure Subscription. 2nd Watch created a Best Practice Guide for module creation and implementation and provided a skeleton for module design.

The Business Benefits

By developing and deploying a multi-cloud configuration management solution, the consumer goods company enabled faster deployment and enhanced security controls for its cloud environments. 2nd Watch also deployed new and Improved tagging and logging methodologies and provided post-engagement support to help train the company’s staff on configuration and management changes

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