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This outdoor advertising company needed to exit its datacenter in agreement with divestiture terms.


They wanted to use VMware Cloud on AWS as a staging area, while building their internal team and culture to prepare for a full cloud native transformation.


We helped them migrate their applications from the datacenter to VMware Cloud on AWS and provided guidance on hiring to enable evolving towards a cloud-native organization.

About the Business

This outdoor advertising company specializes in billboards, street furniture displays, transit displays and other out-of-home advertising displays. It is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies with hundreds of thousands of displays across the globe.

The Business Problem

The advertising company wanted to migrate 25 applications – including its most mission critical, revenue-generating applications – from its current datacenter to VMware Cloud on AWS. Previously hosted in a datacenter shared with a partner company, it needed to exit the datacenter in agreement with its divestiture terms. The company’s strategy was to use VMware Cloud on AWS as a staging area, while it built its team and culture to prepare for a full cloud native transformation.

The company had experience working with AWS and VMware individually but was lacking internal resources to connect the platforms. They needed a partner with critical understanding of both platforms and how they work together that could assist with managing and securing the VMware Cloud environment and to de-risk the migration.

The Solution

The company chose 2nd Watch to assist in migrating its applications to VMware Cloud on AWS for 2nd Watch’s experience in the Media & Entertainment industry and with VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as its vast understanding of how to support the new environment. The company was drawn to 2nd Watch’s unique ability to provide ongoing support with security and operational management of the environment as they built out their capabilities internally.

2nd Watch analyzed the company’s application environments and created a migration plan to VMware Cloud on AWS. 2nd Watch reviewed the company’s VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure design requirements, performed an application assessment, and developed the company’s migration plan and schedule based on application requirements. They also provided GAP recommendations between the advertising company’s deployed VMware Cloud workload and best practices, as well as recommendations for DR, backups and enabling HA for the environment.

Using a re-host and re-platform methodology, 2nd Watch helped the company configure its VMware Cloud on AWS environment and migrate its workloads within an active wave, including VMs, data, and its database. 2nd Watch also provided database administrators to assist the company with its SQL server database configuration.

2nd Watch is providing ongoing managed services to support the new VMware Cloud on AWS environment while the company builds its team and knowledge with the goal of taking over management internally and evolving to a cloud-native state in AWS. 2nd Watch is also advising the company on the capabilities they should hire for to reach this milestone.

The Business Benefits

By migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS, the advertising company has reduced the probability of a security event occurring as well as mitigating the impact and exposure of any events that do occur. The company now has lower risk and cost of change, faster time to operational efficiencies, reduction in deployment time, and accelerated innovation and risk mitigation​.

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