Multinational Media Conglomerate

Transforming the media supply chain.


Developed as a merger between companies, this media conglomerate’s IT environment was very dynamic, and gaps existed between IT teams.


They wanted the guidance of a cloud advisor to help with the migration of their datacenter-hosted applications to the most suitable cloud environment.


We assessed their application portfolio for cloud readiness, provided recommendations on target CSP environments for each app and helped their IT teams navigate their way to working cohesively.

About the Business

This American diversified multinational media conglomerate’s asset include film and television studios, entertainment groups, domestic and international television networks, TV streaming services, and book publishers. The company delivers premium content to audiences across traditional and emerging platforms worldwide.

The Business Problem

The media company has adopted a multi-cloud, cloud-first strategy, including the migration of its datacenter-hosted applications to public cloud environments. Developed as a merger between companies, its environment was extremely dynamic and needed help bridging the gap between its newfound IT teams. The company seeked the guidance of a cloud migration expert to strategize the entire process from discovery and assessment to migrationand act as a trusted cloud advisor between itself and the multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) it was engaging including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

The Solution

The media conglomerate chose to partner with 2nd Watch based on our ability to modernize its media supply chain leveraging multiple CSPs. Taking a modernize-first approach, 2nd Watch helped evolve the company’s legacy architectures to leverage serverless technologies, enabling end-to-end content lakes across all aspects of its media distribution.

Serving as a trusted cloud advisor, 2nd Watch assessed the company’s entire application portfolio for cloud readiness and provided recommendations on target CSP environments for each application and workload based on business requirements. To facilitate this, 2nd Watch developed cloud-running cost models for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud centered around workload requirements and then provided recommendations on migration patterns for each application, incorporating optimized migration planning to return capital to the business in the most impactful way, while identifying opportunities for application modernization.

2nd Watch generated an operating and governance model for the company that created a foundation across all three CSPs and the company’s business units. 2nd Watch also helped the company’s newly merged IT teams bridge gaps and navigate their way to working cohesively as one team.

The Business Benefits

The media conglomerate plans to migrate its entire application portfolio to the cloud within 24 months, based on 2nd Watch’s recommendations and direction. The company implemented a cloud governance framework to control costs and provide for better decision making to reduce sprawl, maintain compliance, and ensure costs are predictable.

With 2nd Watch serving as its cloud advisor, the company has a better negotiating posture with its Cloud Service Providers, can reduce financial commitments with optimization, and is able to focus on larger business goals.

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