Lumber Manufacturer

Operational consistency for lumber manufacturing.


This lumber manufacturer needed to diminish datacenter capital costs with little interruption and a minimal learning curve.


They needed a partner to guide its migration to ensure operational consistency.


We migrated their workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, maintaining operational consistency and minimizing the learning curve of operating in the public cloud.

About the Business

This forest product company is a leading timberland owner and a top 10 manufacturer of lumber in the United States. With a long legacy of excellence in timberland management and wood products manufacturing with operations in multiple states, this forest product company is considered a leader in sustainable forest practices and is dedicated to long-term stewardship and sustainable management of its timber resources.

The Business Challenge

After an initial Total Cost of Ownership analysis performed by 2nd Watch proved the case for transitioning to the public cloud, the forest products manufacturer considered multiple paths forward. Being a traditional IT organization with limited resources, the company’s focus was on maintaining operation consistency. 2nd Watch proposed using VMware Cloud on AWS to ensure operational consistency and minimize the learning curve of operating within the public cloud.

With the assistance of VMware, the company completed a deeper cost analysis and sizing, concluding that VMware Cloud was the best fit for their requirements, providing ease of migration and ongoing operational consistency. Maintaining their existing knowledge base on VMware, this hybrid solution allowed the company to diminish datacenter capital costs with little interruption and a minimal learning curve.

The Solution

The manufacturer partnered with 2nd Watch to migrate application workloads consisting of approximately 80 virtual servers to VMware Cloud on AWS, with plans to migrate an additional 200 VMs in the future.

2nd Watch helped deploy the base AWS and VMware Cloud infrastructure, assessed the applications for migration suitability, established the required networking components, and migrated the selected workloads based on a migration plan created during the process. 2nd Watch also implemented a disaster recovery solution utilizing the VMware Site Recovery product.

The Business Benefits

With the help of 2nd Watch, the forest product manufacturer was able to quickly enable VMware Cloud for its organization, ensuring ongoing operational consistency. Implementing the hybrid solution, the company diminished its datacenter capital costs with little interruption and a minimal learning curve.

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