FinServ Loyalty Program Provider

Backing up your loyalty perks.


This Financial Services company had no Disaster Recovery environment for its business critical, main loyalty tracking application and were at risk for a site crash in the case of an event occurring.


They wanted to migrate the application to a DR cloud environment and move their servers to containers, all within PCI compliance.


We built a highly available, cost optimized, PCI compliant cloud DR environment in AWS and assisted with their move to containers.

About the Business

This Financial Services company provides customized credit and debit card loyalty programs to banks and credit unions nationwide and delivers cardholder support to over 1500 financial institutions in the US. The company delivers rewards programs to leverage merchant funded offers.

The Business Challenges

The Financial Services company wanted to exit its datacenter and move to a highly available environment. The company lacked a comprehensive Disaster Recovery environment for its business critical, main credit and debit card loyalty tracking application and wanted to lift and shift the application to the cloud to create a quality assurance (QA) and a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment that could be converted to production in the event of a disaster. The company wanted its Apache web servers, which host 500-600 sites, moved to containers while ensuring the new environment maintained PCI compliance to meet industry standards.

The Solution

2nd Watch helped the company migrate its main loyalty tracking application to AWS. Using a multi-account strategy, 2nd Watch built a PCI compliant environment using AWS services like MySQL RDS, CloudTrail, Config, and CloudWatch. In addition, 2nd Watch assisted the company with its move to containers by implementing Fargate web farm.

2nd Watch is also actively managing the environment to better control usage, spend and cloud utilization, providing cost optimization services for consulting, implementation, tools, reporting services, and remediation that deliver proactive solutions to the challenge of optimizing cloud spend.

The Business Benefits

The Financial Services company now has a highly available, cost optimized, PCI compliant cloud DR environment for its main loyalty tracking application. In the event of a disaster, the company can activate its DR plan to convert the environment to production, ensuring continuous access to the application’s website for its customer and ensure overall business continuity.

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