Energy & Utilities Company

We facilitated communication in the case of emergency.


This energy and utilities company’s suite of applications was susceptible to outages while hosted on its primary datacenter.


In cases of utility outages and emergencies they wanted a way for their clients and early responders to access key information for safety and communications immediately.


We migrated their communication systems and applications to AWS and manage them, accelerating delivery of their content to end users and ensuring uptime and disaster recovery capabilities in the case of any tragic event.

About the Company

This energy and utilities company is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Its primary business is the transmission and delivery of energy, serving millions of electric customers and millions of natural gas customers.

The Business Challenges & 2nd Watch Solution

One of the utilities company’s primary initiatives is to facilitate the ability to keep the company’s customer base updated in cases of utility outages and emergencies. The initiative’s suite of applications helps to give vital information on outage locations and statuses on the remediation. The company needed to move these communication systems and web applications out of its on-premise data center and into hosted Managed Cloud and selected the 2nd Watch platform to take advantage of the cloud’s flexible, highly available, scalable nature while maintaining security.

The company selected 2nd Watch as the strategic partner to conduct the migration and hosting based on the ability to use 2nd Watch’s Cloud Migration Services and on 2nd Watch’s status as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Service Partner. 2nd Watch has a holistic solution to the company’s goals and objectives for simple, agile, accelerated execution to hit its tight timelines. 2nd Watch hosting is powered by AWS.

2nd Watch helped the company migrate its four main work efforts – digital website, redirect pages and business applications – and incorporated Amazon CloudFront to accelerate the delivery of its content to its end users. 2nd Watch is also providing operating functionality during the onboarding and ongoing support via 2nd Watch’s Managed Cloud platform.

The Business Benefits

The results of this initiative have ensured a robust solution with uptime and disaster recovery capabilities in the case of any tragic event. This also provided the utilities company’s board and executives with the comfort of knowing that its clients and early responders have access to key information for safety and communications as soon as it’s needed.

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