Coca-Cola North America

We pulled customer data with every sip.


The world’s largest beverage company needed to understand usage of its drink fountain flavors consumed across the globe.


They wanted a way to manage the logs and reporting data from their global soda fountains.


We built and manage a large log management system on AWS with a foundation of AWS Redshift and Splunk to give them the ability to report and deliver global metrics on their drink fountain consumption patterns.

About the Business

The world’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) beverage company introduced a soda fountain with multiple drink products, allowing users to select from mixtures of individually dispensed flavors to create their very own custom drink.

The Business Challenges & 2nd Watch Solution

The CPG company was interested in deploying a Big Data solution for managing the logs and reporting data from its global soda fountains. The objective would be to index and regularly analyze fountain data and track metrics on the flavors selected. To achieve these objectives, the company requested 2nd Watch’s help to architect, build and manage a Splunk environment on the AWS platform.

Working with the CPG company’s soda fountain subject matter experts, 2nd Watch built a log management system centered around Splunk in AWS and migrated multiple years of pre-existing data into AWS. Given the global presence of the soda fountains, ensuring continued operation of the environment was a key concern. To meet the Phase 1 requirements, 2nd Watch created an in-region disaster multi-AZ recovery system for all indexers and log data leveraging over 700 lines of custom scripting. 2nd Watch is also managing the Splunk environment within its Managed Cloud platform.

The CPG company’s new AWS environment utilizes Amazon EC2, EBS, S3, CFT, CloudWatch, ELB, SES, Route 53, VPC, Elastic IP, Linux and Splunk to handle the Big Data need.

The Business Benefits

With the Splunk environment in AWS, the CPG company now has the ability to report and deliver global metrics to better understand the drink fountain consumption patterns. Future plans include expanding the Disaster Recovery solution to a multi-region system, adding additional soda fountain devices, implementing multiple AWS Direct Connects from existing service providers and to utilize DBA/Splunk Engineering support through 2nd Watch Managed Cloud.

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