Our Insight on Technology Trends

What is the latest technology our experts are personally working with? What certifications are they working towards? What are their favorite types of projects to work on now, what technologies are they interested in getting exposure to in the future, and how do they keep up with the latest technology? We share our insight into technology trends.


Inside our Minds: Avoidable Security Issues

We picked our cloud security experts’ brains to find out what the biggest security hole they’ve ever had to patch was, what one of the worst security risks they’ve found and resolved was, and what the most avoidable security issue they see often is.


What is DevOps to Us?

What is DevOps to us? Our experts talk automating deployment of applications and infrastructure, including CI/CD pipelines, and the most popular DevOps tools.


What do we love about 2nd Watch?

What do we love most about 2nd Watch? Find out what makes a great day at work for us and our favorite things about working at 2nd Watch!

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